Online Course: Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (May 19)

Tweet This course assists aspiring entrepreneurs in developing great ideas into great companies. With strong economies presenting rich opportunities for new venture creation, and challenging economic times presenting the necessity for many to make their own job, the need to develop the skills to develop and act on innovative business opportunities is ever present. Using […]

The Global Student’s Introduction to U.S. Law (May 1)

Tweet COURSE TO BE TAUGHT BY PROFESSORS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA This course will provide students from around the world an introduction to the legal system of the United States. About the Course In this course, students will learn basic concepts and terminology about the U.S. legal system and about selected topics in the […]

Decision to use pitched concrete instead of asphalt shingle will save US$2 million

Tweet GORE Homes has opted to use pitched concrete instead of asphalt shingle for its roofs going forward. The developer expects that the use of cement made in Jamaica by Caribbean Cement Company (Carib) will eliminate the need to import US$2 million in construction material, including wood, asphalt shingles and metal tiles for roofing each […]

Innovation: ScanDrop a portable instru­ment to detect various bio­log­ical spec­imen

Tweet A few hun­dred dol­lars and 24 hours: That’s what’s required to scan bio­log­ical mate­rials for impor­tant bio­markers that signal dis­eases such as dia­betes or cancer, using industry stan­dard equip­ment. But sup­pose you wanted to mon­itor live cancer cells. For that you’d have to use an entirely dif­ferent method. It takes just as long but requires […]

Get Valuable Tips from a Successful Entrepreneur: Mark Zuckerberg (Part II)

Tweet Mark Zuckerberg needs very little introduction considering that his most famous product – FACEBOOK – was being used by 1.23 billion users worldwide by the end of 2013. Here Mark shares some of the back stories behind Facebook. WORTH READING Facebook: 10 years of social networking, in numbers Facebook’s 10th birthday: from college dorm […]

An Introduction to Operations Management (Mar 3)

Tweet COURSE TAUGHT BY CHRISTIAN TERWIESCH OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA This course will teach you how to analyze and improve business processes, be it in services or in manufacturing. You will learn how to improve productivity, how to provide more choice to customers, how to reduce response times, and how to improve quality. About […]