Branson Centre Of Entrepreneurship opened in Jamaica

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean was opened in Montego Bay Jamaica by Sir Richard Branson In September 2011. The Centre is a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our mission is to offer practical business skills, access to coaches to offer guidance, mentors to share their experiences, professional services to build strong businesses, exposure to networks, finance and investment opportunities. We believe these are essential components for entrepreneurs to grow strong and sustainable businesses.

The Branson Centre’s vision is to support the development of small and growing businesses to create jobs and contribute to the economy in the Caribbean region.


At its most basic level, entrepreneurship is about creating, growing and providing. In other words, fundamental human nature. And while some like to think pursuit of the American Dream is a uniquely American thing, the reality is that entrepreneurship knows no borders. With the right support and resources, businesses can flourish almost anywhere on the planet. This is part of the guiding philosophy behind the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean, which opened to great fanfare earlier this month in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Continue