Can Jamaica Profit from the Increasing Demand for Vinyl Records?

At first I thought the talk about “vinyl comeback” was unfounded. That was about 3 years ago. As I read more headlines like the following, I am convinced there is something here worth looking into.

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Vinyl sales represent a small piece of the music “pie.” But demand appears to be growing and there are not enough manufacturing plants to keep up with the demand for quality vinyls. According to, “Since the breakout year in 2008, vinyl albums sales increased 223 percent to 6.06 million units last year [2013]. And rather than slow down, sales are actually gaining momentum. In unit terms, vinyl sales grew 1.5 million units last year. With sales on track to surpass 8 million units, this year’s growth will surpass 2 million units.”

Can the surge in vinyl purchase be sustained? Many hope so. According to MusicWatch “…data shows people that buy vinyl are more likely than the average music consumer to listen to Internet radio, follow artists on social media and stream on-demand music. They’re heavy music consumers that need something beyond digital files or CDs.” There are millions of ardent music listeners in North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Can the local Jamaican studios put out quality vinyls? Can they take advantage of the increasing demand for more LPs? I truly hope so.