Medical ganja company targets $4b in revenue by 2019

Tweet LOCAL medical marijuana company, Medicanja Limited, expects to generate approximately $4 billion in sales within four years. “Revenue from the sales and services of over 18 products that we have planned from Medicanja limited, including six product lines, will be in excess of $4 billion,” said the executive chairman of Medicanja Limited, Dr Henry […]

What it Takes to Navigate the Marijuana Industry

Tweet Colorado’s first cannabis business summit focused on helping companies learn how to run better and comply with the nascent industry’s many regulations. The recreational marijuana business is in full bloom in Colorado. In just the first three months since marijuana was legalized, the state has raised $25 million from businesses for taxes, licenses, and fees, according […]

Greater Demand for Cassava?

Tweet LOCAL brewing company Red Stripe will be establishing its US$800,000 ($90.4 million) starch processing plant by January 2015. The facility will allow Red Stripe to make its flagship beer with at least five per cent cassava by next March. Ultimately, the local brewer wants to replace 20 per cent of its imported barley with […]

Ministry Looking to Create more Agro Parks in Western Jamaica

Tweet THE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is looking to establish additional agro parks in western Jamaica. The ministry initially has its eye on identifying 115 hectares of suitable lands in the parishes of Westmoreland, St James and Hanove. Rural St James in particular, is being targeted for the cultivation of banana for the export […]

Top Honours for Copperwood Farms at National Quality Awards

Tweet COPPERWOOD Farms in Hanover walked away with three awards at the recently concluded National Quality Awards organised by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ). In conjunction with the celebration of international World Standards Day, the award seeks to recognise excellence in local companies who pay special attention to quality in their production processes and […]

Jamaica Can Do More to Profit from Organic Products

Tweet Today the first caller of the midday show “The Open Line with Winston Barnes” ( was the famous “farmer” who runs successful farms in Jamaica and reports on the business periodically. He related a recent story about how he contacted a food and beverage personnel at a hotel chain in Jamaica. He was told […]

The Benefits of Greenhouse Farming to the Jamaican Farmer

Tweet Greenhouse farming has become one of the biggest agricultural trends to hit Jamaica in recent years. After seeing the successful results of indoor farming by their neighbours, Jamaicans are becoming increasingly interested in learning how to get started with their own greenhouses. Jamaica is no stranger to natural disasters and farms, in particular, can […]

Farming as an Opportunity in Jamaica

Tweet FARMING (by Tony Thomas Fri Jan 4th 12:15 AM) During my lunch break on Monday I was listening to the Caribbean program “The Open Line” on WAVS 1170 when a caller related a true story about farming in Jamaica. He was driving by a property in Clarendon when he noticed that it was overrun […]