Get Valuable Tips from a Successful Entrepreneur: Mark Zuckerberg (Part II)

Mark Zuckerberg needs very little introduction considering that his most famous product – FACEBOOK – was being used by 1.23 billion users worldwide by the end of 2013. Here Mark shares some of the back stories behind Facebook. WORTH READING Facebook: 10 years of social networking, in numbers Facebook’s 10th birthday: from college dorm to […]

10 Business Lessons I Had to Learn Before I Could Succeed

As an aspiring entrepreneur you can always learn from successful entrepreneurs. Erica Nicole is the Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine — a Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed brand. She is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, acclaimed small business expert, dynamic speaker, syndicated columnist, philanthropist and Christian thought leader. In her article “CEO Confessions: 10 Business Lessons […]


Successful Jamaican Entrepreneur: Khary Robinson

Ever since the 1940s, Jamaica has suffered from a mass movement of intellectuals and professionals to more developed nations in order to find employment.  No doubt, this continuous “brain drain” has interrupted the flow of productivity and real entrepreneurial success. The fact remains, though, that Jamaica has failed to attract these Jamaicans who are abroad […]


Successful Entrepreneur: Gordon “Butch” Stewart

Jamaica, a country of nearly 3 million inhabitants and over 2 million expatriates has produced many successful business men and women. The Honorable Gordon “Butch” Stewart OJ, CD, Hon. LLD, is arguably the most notable of these successful entrepreneurs. In 1968, at the startup of his first company, Stewart set in motion an entrepreneurial revolution, […]

Entrepreneur Grace Foster-Reid and her Buzz Honey Wine

IT may seem a stretch that bees can make wine, but honey sure can. Mandeville-based entrepreneur Grace Foster-Reid started selling three flavours of her Buzz Honey Wine in Kingston and Mandeville supermarkets this month. Her product has also ended up on the shelves of stores in the Norman Manley Inter-national and the Sangster International airports […]

Jamaican Entrepreneur: Photographer David Muir

Jamaican photographer David Muir recently held the official launch of his book  “Pieces Of Jamaica” at the Sheraton Suites in Plantation Florida. According to his website “‘Pieces of Jamaica™, The Real Rock Edition’ is the perfect keepsake to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence, whether you’re a Jamaican living on the rock or living […]