Getting the Right Domain Name for your Jamaican Business

When a well-known package delivery company started out in 1971, there was doubt that the business model adopted by the company would work. However it became so successful that in the 1980s people began to associate the shipping of small packages with the company’s name.

The company that started out as Federal Express Corporation is now widely known as FedEx. The name change came after it became popular for business personnel on the phone to say something like “Can you fedex that package to me?” or “If you fedex those documents I will take a look at it.”

The name FedEx is short, easy to spell and easy to remember. When it was time to get a domain name, was the preferred choice over or even

There are two important points that we want to take away from this bit of history. First, when looking for a domain name for your company, select a name that is easy to remember, easy to pronounce and easy to spell. Second, keep it simple and short if possible and if it is practical to do so. Unfortunately, with over 230 million domain names in existence, finding the domain name you want is a challenge. With a little creativity, you can find a suitable domain name.

After the domain name was taken, someone who missed out on that name bought After became unavailable someone grabbed Many fitness companies wanted When that name was no longer available others picked up,, etc.  The strategy here is to add a prefix or suffix to the desired keyword if that keyword is no longer available. Let’s take a look at some of the prefixes and suffixes that are in common use today.

· e:,,,

· my:,,,

· buy:,,

· point:,,

· guide:,,,

· watch:,,

· reviews:,,,

· blueprint:,,

· tech:,,,,

· row:,,,

Some other words that can be used in “crafting” a domain name are: trends, news, weekly, daily, group, internet, help, question, club, explorer, trader, scripts and resource.

Another strategy involves adding a common term/phrase to a desired keyword to create an easy-to-remember domain name. Here are examples of domain names with a common term + keyword:

· for profit:,,

· go to:,,,

· learn to:,,

One of the challenges new businesses face, is finding a name for a business that has a lot of competitors in your area and nationwide. Imagine you open a flower shop. One method used by others is to use a personal name in the actual name of the business. So if Jennifer opens a flower shop she could try the names Jen’s Flowers, Flowers by Jen or Jen’s Flower Shop.

Here is a list of domain names with flowers in the name:,,,,,,,,,, and

As you watch television, listen to the radio and drive to and from home, make note of domain names. Look carefully at store signs, company vans, trucks, billboards and “skyscrapers” for domain names and note anything creative about the names. Borrow an idea and use it when you develop a domain name for your business. With research, time and a good measure of patience you will eventually find the domain name that best fits your business.

(Of course you can avoid all this time and effort, if you are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy the domain you want from its current owner.)

Ps. You should be able to get the domain name for your legally registered company name. If someone is “cyber-squatting” on the name you can argue your right to the name through UDRP.

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