Growth in Construction Industry A Business Opportunity for Some

According to numbers provided by the Planning Institute of Jamaica there has been a steady rise in residential and non-residential construction. Here are the relevant stats:

Real Value Added in the Construction Industry grew by 1.5%, reflecting:
Growth in Building Construction due to 1. Higher levels of Residential Construction and 2. increases in the number of housing starts (up 219.6%), housing completions (up 37.4%) and the volume (up 17.7%) and value (up 25.3%) of mortgages for the period

Real Value Added in the Construction Industry grew by 2.5%, reflecting:
Increased Building Construction activities due to 1. expansion in residential and non-residential construction projects and 2. increase in the volume of mortgages by 71.7% and value of mortgages by 68.8%

When a homeowner takes possession of her new home, she is likely to spend more in the first year than at any other point in time. Here is a list of things a new homeowner is likely to purchase:

1. furniture
2. curtain, blinds, drapes and other window treatments
3. bed spread/sheets/blankets, pillows, pillow cases
4. kitchen appliances and cooking wares/utensils
5. bathroom accessories
6. door locks
7. lawn equipment and lawn services
8. phone/cable/satellite services and Internet access
9. alarm system
10. banking services

The list so far covers things most likely to be bought within a few months of home ownership. However, the list can be expanded to include certain high price items like high-end audio and video equipment, exercise equipment, pool accessories and services, solar panels and investment banking.

There are companies in the USA that rents list of new homeowners to sales persons of all types. It is very common for a new homeowner to be bombarded with flyers, sales letters and phone calls promoting many types of products and services. Is there an opportunity for your company?