How I Set Up a Website to Generate Income

WorldWideWebI have been buying domain names for over 10 years. Some have been developed into websites and others are “parked” until I am ready to make websites for them or sell them.

Let’s take a look at one of my current websites:


  1. I registered the domain name at on September 3 2009 just 2 days after Canon announced the release of the new camera. At that time the cost was US$10.69 for 1 year’s registration.
  2. I hosted the site at where I host several websites for US$108 per year or about US$6 for each site.
  3.  I used WordPress software to develop the website for (WordPress is commonly used for blogging and is available for free through my web host.)
  4. For content I used reviews found online and comments and observations from the photography forum
  5. I received my Canon 7D camera in April 2010 and started to share my experience using the camera. I shared photographs taken with the camera and information related to how the photos were taken.
  6. THE SOURCE OF INCOME for is Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate links. I signed up to Google Adsense about 10 years ago and Amazon Affiliate about 5 years ago. Click here to view one of my articles and notice the ads on the right and one on the left just above the article. The ad on the left is Google Adsense and there is an Amazon affiliate link on the right and another Google Adsense ad.

Let’s get into more details about this website and the money-making opportunities.

Why the domain name The answer is related to my background. I was born in St Catherine and grew up near mountains, rivers, springs, bamboo trees, fruit trees and animals. I developed a great appreciation for nature which lead to photography as a hobby.

I bought my first Canon camera over 20 years ago. Over the years I have moved from the initial point-and-shoot camera to my current digital SLR camera, the Canon 7D. Right now this is one of Canon’s top-selling cameras. Many Canon supporters either own this camera or seriously considered buying it.

I thought of the domain name ( was already taken) because of the popularity of the Canon 7D, my passion for photography and the fact that many people interested in this camera make daily searches using the terms canon7d, canon7d body, canon 7d camera, canon eos 7d, 7d canon, canon 7d review, eos 7d, buy canon 7d, canon 7d specs, canon 7d photo, canon 7d price, canon 7d manual, eos 7d body, canon 7d ebay, canon d 7 etc.

Photography is something I am good at. It is a subject I can talk about at length. I am passionate about photography. The website gives me a chance to express that passion and at the same time help others who are interested in certain aspects of photography. In exchange I get a small monthly income when visitors click on the Google ads and when a purchase is made after clicking on an Amazon link.

Is there a subject you are very familiar with? Is there something you are passionate about? Can you talk about it in details? This is the basic premise for many successful online blogs/websites. The more successful ones deal with matters related to loans, money, investments, finances, health,weight loss, relationships, sexual performance, aging, fitness and travel.

Here is another example of someone who is profiting from his passion. His name is Bob Lotich. He describes himself as “a Christian first and someone who is passionate about helping people with their finances second. I had my life changed by God and the next major change in my life was a financial one. I still remember the moment when I realized that I HAD to get my finances in order…”

Bob is the creator of a highly successful blog called Christian Personal Finance – – that offers “money-saving tips, encouraging articles, and great ideas to help you get out of debt, earn more, and give more.” gets hundreds of visitors per day. The ads on its pages are responsible for a good portion of the revenue that Bob collects.

Can you develop a compelling blog/website about money, health, travel, relationships or sports?

©Tony Thomas


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