How To Spy On Your Competitors (Part I)

3d illustration: Equipment protection. Concept Cameras Do you have that nervous feeling that your competitors are doing better than you? Suspect that you are loosing customers to your competitors? One suggestion that has worked well for some is to find out what your competition is doing. This research will tell you what is working well for them and help you get the most for your business strategy.

Here are some online tools that will help you spy on your competitors legally:

1. KEYWORDS – Right click on the home page or best performing page of your competitor and click on View Page Source to see what keywords are being used. This is a valuable bit of information if the competitor’s webpage is performing better than yours.

2. YOUR COMPETITION’S MOST POPULAR PAGE – To find your competitor’s most popular page(s) and to get a behind-the-scene look at how well it’s website is doing use online tools like Site Explorer and Buzzsumo.  Just a few minutes ago I used Buzzsumo to find the most popular page on It is an article written back in March 2014 titled “This is how an engineer feels when he’s surrounded by idiots.”

3. LOAD TIME – Customers hate long load times. Check the load time of your website and that of your competitor with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. Here are some valuable information on how you can improve your load time:

PageSpeed Insights Rules

10 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster

4. WEBSITE CHANGES – Many popular websites that have been around for years have made changes to maximize performance and improve the users’ experience. Use the Waynack Machine to see what changes your competition has made that likely resulted in increased traffic and better user experience.

5. WHAT SERVICES THEY USE – Want to find out that tools and services your competition is using to “outsmart” you? Go to BuildWith and type in your competitor’s URL to see a host of information that will make your head giddy. I just typed and found who host their website, what advertisers they use, their Analytics and Tracking tools and services, who handle their email services, their advertising, their audio/video libraries, and the makeup of their Content Delivery Network. This has to be one of your more visited sites for info on what others are doing.