Modern Low-Key Marketing Methods That Work

By Kevin Nunley

Yes, you could pony up one million dollars to place ads on Google, Network TV, and in what’s left of our major newspapers. But how about low-cost modern marketing methods that are cheap or free?

In the past that would have meant mailing postcards, placing classified ads, and giving speeches to groups. Today we can use the same low-tech spirit to leverage modern media.

1) Take a grass roots approach to social media. Be a friend, fan, or follower to as many people and businesses as you can. Keep in mind I’m NOT saying get as many friends, fans, or followers. Broadcasting your message is NOT the point. Instead you want to be involved with as many little social conversations as possible. Then when you are ready to launch your new CD, product, or idea – you will have a lot of people who will be interested in hearing about it. 100 people telling your news to all their friends is some pretty powerful marketing.

2) Power in the list. The more things change online the more ONE thing stays the same. Email lists are the backbone of most major online retailers and service providers. Build your email list and you can consistently bring in sales for years to come. Offer a free product, service, or (especially) information product to people who sign up for your list.

3) As seen on TV! You frequently see sites that claim their product has been seen on CNN, NBC, the New York Times, etc. You can do the same thing by going through a media back door. Write your press release, then have one of the guys on distribute it. Most of them have an RSS feed deal with major newspapers and TV outlets. They will send you links to your release displayed on sites like San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Channel 8 Houston. Now YOU have been seen in major media. List them on your site and other marketing materials.

4) Get listed on Google+Local, Yelp, local and state business directories,, LinkedIn, and similar sites. It’s free. Your link and information will be displayed on these major sites. That makes you easy to find on search engines.

5) Tell everyone you can what you’re working on. YOU are the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. People will see you as an interesting person and tell others about you. I’ve seen individuals earn six figures and build big businesses using this method.

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