Successful Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Richard and Leanne Spence

Water is a very valuable resource and across the globe it is getting very scarce. Many organizations are focusing heavily on conserving water and improving its quality.

Jamaicans Richard Spence and his daughter Leanne Spence have discovered a method to reduce water consumption in hotels, schools, government buildings and other large facilities. Richard said “research suggests that upwards of 90 per cent of overall water consumption in commercial centres and institutions is attributable to their restrooms.”

The discovery came as a result of looking for solutions to a personal problem. Mr Spence was not pleased with his high water bills. He researched water-saving tools and equipment for his entertainment establishment, The Deck, on Trafalgar Road in Kingston. His discovery led him to a water-saving aerator for faucets and a high-efficiency toilet.

Richard retrofitted bathrooms at his business and after 7 months the savings on his water bills were enough to cover his initial investment of$10,000.

After successfully cutting back on water usage, Richard and Leanne created Instant-Save Conservation Solutions Limited in May 2013. Its mission is “To reduce the waste of scarce resources by providing conservation tools and information that increases efficiencies without encouraging the spread of contaminants”.

According the the website “Instant $ave has obtained the sole distributorship of the Instant-Off Aerator and in the near future, intends to diversify its product line to include other instant savers of water and energy to save our precious resources.”

The company serves the “Jamaican Food Industry, Schools and Universities, Medical Facilities, Commercial Building and Homes.

The future looks bright for Richard and Leanne Spence. Can you partner with them to help conserve water and reduce water bills?

SOURCE: Jamaica Gleaner &