TREND: Time Spent on Smartphones/Tablets Growing But TV Ads Still Preferred

An exhaustive study by Millward Brown’s AdReaction 2014 was carried out between November 2013 and March 2014. The goal of the study was to compare and contrast 30 different markets across the globe to see how much time is spent on mobile devices and how these times vary from country to country. The findings were enlightening for marketers and entrepreneurs.

The study group consisted of 13,000 mobile users aged 16 to 45 years who were multiscreen consumers, i.e. persons who own or have access to both a TV and either a smartphone or tablet. “The results show that, globally, we now spend more than three hours a day consuming mobile media…Across our 30 markets, the bulk of that is on a smartphone – 147 minutes – with an additional 50 minutes on a tablet.”

Read more about the findings here.