What Makes Apple Better than the Competition? Learn How to Give Your Company an Edge

Want to be taken more seriously?

Want to move more people to action?

Want to be a great leader who inspire others to give blood sweat and tears for a cause you believe in?

If yes, I encourage you to watch the video below. It starts out this way:

“How do you explain when things don’t go as we assume? Or better how do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions? For example, why is Apple so innovative? Year after year after year after year they are more innovative than all their competition and yet they are just a computer company. They are just like anyone else. They have the same access to the same talent, the same agency, the same consultants, the same media. Then why is it that they seem to have something different?…Why is it that the Wright Brothers were able to figure out controlled powered-man flight when there were certainly other teams that were better qualified, better funded and they didn’t achieve powered-man flight, the Wright Brothers beat them to it?